About Us


About Simit Bakery

Simit Bakery is a family-owned Turkish-style bakery kitchen established in 2018. We are bakers who feed the local community with the bona-fide taste of ancient Turkish home and street delicacies using only the finest ingredients we can pronounce. (Additive-free, No chemicals)


When we say ancient, WE MEAN IT! Simit, also known as Turkish Bagel that we named after our business, has an important place in Turkish culture and dates back about 600 years.


Here in Simit Bakery,


We believe that listening to our customers is what will take us to the best place we want to be. Our staff take pride in providing friendly and personable service at all times.


We look forward to serving your needs, exceeding your expectations and building your trust.


About Owners

Co-founder Filiz started her new career at Simit Bakery with her husband and partner Alper in 2018 June. After 22 years of meticulous personality in her dentistry career, she decided on a new venture in the authentic bakery field in Vancouver and kept that personality when turning baked goods into perfection. Alper had been in the food industry for a long time at different positions and projects around the world for more than 30 years.


He enjoys being front-of-house, chatting with regulars and creating meaningful relationships with customers. They brought unique and authentic Turkish bakery goods to the Vancouver food market. They are dedicated to scratch bakery products which are prepared and baked almost every hour freshly and both are committed to continuing what Simit Bakery has started, inspired with quality and care.